This blogger, Doug Lowe (AKA Paul Douglas Lowe, P. Douglas Lowe, P.D. Lowe, Loco Lowe, etc.) is a native son of Utah–like Butch Cassidy. My ancestors, like his, were also early Mormon Pioneers. In addition to this blog, I have a website, http://www.ButchCassidyCountry.com, where I give more details of how I got really into visiting Butch Cassidy historic sites during a solar eclipse viewing trip in Bolivia. Suffice it to say, here in this blog, that I feel some special kinship with the elusive outlaw from Utah. Possibly because he was a good Mormon boy who went bad, but not too bad. Kind of like me, I like to think. (See My Mormon Mind blog for a bit more in that vein.)

Anyway, I want this blog to do something different than my ButchCassidyCountry.com website. ThereĀ  I try to provide visitors with detailed information on the major historic places they can find in Utah, and other parts of the western United States, as well as in Bolivia and other parts of South America.

Here, in this blog I invite YOUR COMMENTS and contributions about places you’ve visited–or want to visit–that have some historic connection to Butch and Sundance. I even hope to figure out how you can leave more than text comments, so that you can share the photos and videos you’ve taken during your own Butch and Sundance site seeing!

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