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Now that winter is upon us I am…

Now that Utah’s Indian Summer has come and gone, I am kicking myself for letting the summer and fall go by without my making the trip that I had planned to finally see the remote Hole-in-the-Wall hideout, up in Wyoming, where Butch and Sundance sometimes hid themselves from pursuing lawmen. Sometimes I’m amazed that on horseback, Utah’s most notorious and elusive native son, was able to ride all the way to places I can’t even seem to finding the time to reach by car! (Of course, he was a full-time outlaw, and I’m only a part-time site seer. ) As consolation for missing Hole-in-the-Wall, I am reminding myself that at least I did, once again, get back to the old Territorial Prison, in Laramie, where Butch did time–the only time. That’s, of course, that site lies so close to an exit off l-80 that it takes almost no effort to get there.


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